New York Times Reporting (R Studio)

Tracking Covid cases in US colleges

The Report is on an article published by the New York Times, analyzing Covid cases when College institutions pushed students back on campus. This resulted in a spike in Covid Infections.

A Survey was conducted using more than 1900 Colleges and Universities. As of 2021, more than 15 colleges have already reported cases totaling 1,000 +. However, this is information is constantly changing; thus, the dataset used in this study will.

States with Universities that Experienced the Highest case

Educational Institutions were forced to switch their model. The traditional method of in-person classes was no longer viable. In the Graph above, we show which states housed universities that were most affected by the virus.

The New York Times article on Covid cases in colleges states that “Nearly a year after most universities abruptly shifted classes online and sent students home, the virus continues to upend American higher education. When many campuses reopened in the fall, outbreaks raced through dorms and infected thousands of students and employees

This data was collected by counting cases among College students and employees in all fields, including first responders. The data had to be normalized since some colleges did not provide data, although some of the colleges' data were not properly specified.

Total count per section of articles covering Donald Trump, from February 2020 to December 2020

This graph illustrates the different sections that covered Donald Trump. The data was retrieved using key search term “Trump”, to retrieve all articles written between Feb 2020 and Dec 2020, that contained the word “Trump” within their text. It comes as no surprise that the section with the highest article count is the “politics” section, obviously as Donald Trump is currently more recognized as a politician than a business man nowadays.

Sections of New York Times that covered Covid-19

This graph presents all the sections of New York Times dating from February 14 2020 to December 19 2020, where Covid-19 was covered; from the section with the highest percentage of coverage to the lowest. As we can see most of the coverage comes from the U.S news section, followed by “world” news and “health” sections.